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  • BARK CLOTH® as an enterprise is an innovation and market leader of textiles from trees (core competence).With given complementability and free capacities, BARK CLOTH markets other products and services with reference to the ancestral bark cloth® cultivation areas. BARK CLOTH® as part of the Corporate design allows identification with the enterprise in the internal just like external relationship.

  • BARK CLOTH® / Rindentuch® and BARKTEX® as product brands offer differentiation potential in material und marketing. This will possibly be emphasized in future by a licence system. They fulfil customer and supplier's expections in quality, ecology, socio economy and transparency. Furthermore, they allow identification inwards. They articulate a permanent research project and development work for the adaptation to new market requirements and improvement of sales opportunities.

  • BARK CLOTH® as process and commercial labels at the B2B-level guarantee environment-friendly and socially acceptable sustainability and transparency of the cultivation of the raw material-delivering plants for the production (Bark Cloth ®) and refining (BARKTEX®) up to the distribution at retail trade level. The origin of every bark cloth ® can be traced back up to the production group and the place in which it was produced.

  • Ecological implementation criteria:
    Bold safeguarding of the ecological tolerance of our activities. To meet the needs of the present without risking the future.

    a) Cultivation: Organic agriculture according to IFOAM-(International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), the EU (EEC 2092/91) and NOP-(the US National Organic standard of the USDA) directives.

    b) Widely low-energy working processes free of CO2. Banning of known cancer-causing or allergy-releasing utilities, use of water-based utilities where possible.

  • Social implementation criteria:
    Achievement of an important contribution to the local, national and international communities/groups in/with which we operate by the adoption of a code of conduct (Corporate Behaviour), which precedes mutual care, honesty, fairness and respect.

    a) A minimum requirement in the internal relationship are the directives of the ILO (International Labour Organisation). Successive removal according to the directives of SAT. in 8000 (social audit). Wages in Uganda adapt constantly to the inflation rate and amount always at least to the double minimum wage.

    b) In the external relationship, medium-term to long-term decrease agreements with purchase prices clearly over the world price level and price level of local markets guarantee the continuity for suppliers - and therefore also customers - and are a guarantor of social security, sustainability and delivery security.



JUNE 2015

® @ G7- 
summit hotel         
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MAY 2015

Contract chair with
BarkTex surface at the          
world's leading fair for furniture  production


JAN 2014
imm cologne - Living Interiors

Special show Bark Cloth in architecture and design, under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO
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Innovation Competition

Sept. 2013
NASA - LAUNCH Systems Challenge

For the first time ever, a German enterprise has been awarded the LAUNCH Innovation Challenge of NASA and NIKE
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OCT 2012
German Federal Ecodesign Award 2012

Bark Cloth nominated for the most prestigious design award of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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SEP 2011
Nomination for 'Designpreis Deutschland'

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