Company's Philosophy

The resources of the world are limited. The future of mankind depends on its ability to handel them responsibly.

Ecological, economic and social challenges stick together in complicated dependence and interdependence.

As a production and commercial company committed to sustainability, we would like to show in a pragmatic manner that globalisation can be molded in a positive way if goals and priorities are defined differently than usual and value addition can also take place, against the tide, from Africa to Europe. It is sad though that the term 'sustainability' is overstressed in many places. We live it, however since the foundation of the company in 1999.

Through pragmatic and effective environment-friendly and socially acceptable action at B2B level, we are engaged in the development and social transformation of the under-privileged population groups in global commercial events.

The development of innovative products and new markets is not an end in itself, but a consequent means for achieving these changes.

The consistent development of all business lines along a comprehensive process and value addition chain requires our willful acquistion of ecological, economic and social responsibility.

Beside hard monentary factors it also always concerns soft elements like values, respect, trust and exchange with other cultures and traditions.

This does not make us in any way social romantics: only a straight-line change from the shareholders' Value dogma to the Allholder Value approach with consideration to the needs of all partners allows a lasting socially acceptable and environmentally friendly management in the global Village. This continuity guarantees profit for the company owners, lasting delivery security and product innovations for the customers and an above- average income for the producers and employees.

However, we are also not anti-capitalistic free riders of the real estate/finance/economy/bank/euro crisis of 2008-2012. We have lived "Cradle-to-Cradle" since our foundation in 1999, before this term came into existance. In accompaniment, only a healthy, slow and organic growth is possible. BARK CLOTH® has been growing since its establishment at about 5% and even faster from the beginning of this crisis - possibly thanks to the value change, which it initiated.



JUNE 2015

® @ G7- 
summit hotel         
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MAY 2015

Contract chair with
BarkTex surface at the          
world's leading fair for furniture  production


JAN 2014
imm cologne - Living Interiors

Special show Bark Cloth in architecture and design, under the patronage of the German Commission for UNESCO
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Innovation Competition

Sept. 2013
NASA - LAUNCH Systems Challenge

For the first time ever, a German enterprise has been awarded the LAUNCH Innovation Challenge of NASA and NIKE
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OCT 2012
German Federal Ecodesign Award 2012

Bark Cloth nominated for the most prestigious design award of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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SEP 2011
Nomination for 'Designpreis Deutschland'

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